Flo Friends

Hi oh Silver, like my boy Wilbur or that guy David Gilmour

Make it Syd Barrett mi cunyao Garrett, Maurice Clarrette runnin for the Buckeyes

or like how Beastmode trucks guys

on the way to the endzone, and I’m not alone, but alive, strive, derive, arrive at the destination

no preoccupacion, immaculate concepcion, soy chingon

No me voy king rey call me prince royce who rolls with the punches like Churches chicken.

You da Joe Biden

to my Beau Biden

Feet on the ground

we be low ridin

Foghat the day

cuz we slo ridin

receivers in place

with no tight end

got Anne Frank out

there”ll be no hidin

at Bernie Sanders party

he said go right in

Marley told us

no fussin no fightin

we told Franklin

to go kitin

BMXican and TX kin

Farewell to men

we flow sapiens.

You say sapiens I say aliens, salient like sollution, the illusion of choice envelops participation

like Marley say we need mental slavery emancipation,

authentic participation in democracy is too expensive therefore we give a pensive

nod to the right to the left before cowing to the capitalist machine,

where private property is more valuable than any humanbeing

so those that kill feel justified

and we become ossified

with age we trade fact for magic value science over what’s mystic what defies quantification

consumed by investigations into others qualifications and accommodations

we see ability as immovable therefore a nullification of innate talents occurs

and further spurs

our thinking toward rational and national goals based on imperial polls and empirical binary poles

that view the world in black and white

where white is right and black is best expressed over J-Dilla instrumentals

cause the wrongs endured are monumental

and we cant keep runnin away like the Pharcyde

and allow the farce to preside over people like steeples over churches, don’t be a chicken

I rekon we take a stand cause the clock’s tickin no time for finger lickin!


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