Race as a Capacitating Concept?

Whiteness is nothing but false and oppressive-

compulsive-obsessive on how, “I don’t even see race”

yet from day one we’re conditioned with regard to our place

and theirs’

Binary pairs

black or white good or evil in the country where all men are supposed to B equal

we go to great lengths to protect just one people

White flight now gentrification

Anyone watching Detroit the sequel?

You know Episode 6 the return of white people.

It used to be Black but whiteness got a lock on what’s legal

And what black got is locked up/shot up


“I’m not racist” but I live in a society that is, at least


If not de facto – whiteness won’t acknowledge the facts though

So our gaze is fixed, pretend not to notice Uncle Sam’s Bait & Switch

Instead we discuss the efficacy of policy like the 7 year itch

Which is very abstract

but when black walks by I clutch my private property he’s liable to snatch

Subconscious bordering on instinct we act,

On the lie we’ve been told, but I for one am determined to break out of this mold,

we can’t just wait for the crown jewels to be melted so we can return the gold

we stole cause we’re too bust still stealin

after all we commodified wheelin and deanlin,

and when we finally pull out the indigenous left realin

we label em developing when their lands depleated

& now the cycle is being repeated

And the World Bank will finance the problems we seeded

Or will we stand up declare Ubuntu!

not money is what’s really needed


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