Rahm’s Emanuel


Chicago as a pivot point for civilization, so called, in the windy city there’s not an ounce of pity as the economics department of the University touts free market solutions the streets are polluted with blood like foreign sand and the tar sand and global warming, people warring with one another brother killing brother in the name of the same monotheistic gods, people play out as cogs while a very few profit off of war and keep the storehouse of the proletariat just stocked enough but with plenty of lock stock and two million smoking guns tons and tons of em spun under desks and dashboards trap houses and under floor boards and in safes some locked away others readily available meanwhile the children play steadily in harm’s way we go to great lengths to protect munitions and money and leave those most vulnerable exposed to these threats we rack up debt to hit the ceiling meanwhile the skyline grows and lands repealing gentrification, placation and bemusement the truth is sent vacationing amusement parks like Disney and grand cathedrals like Wembly except we have to walk past human beings sleeping on the ground to get there, invisible un aware we have been prepared to mask our stares for fear of making eye contact and make them visible, except that were indivisible and my happiness cant rest at the behest or expense of some one else’s best that they can become, undone like footage from Burger King they feed us a line about how surveillance acts to keep us clean and safe but when they don’t like what they see they erase the tapes draped up dripped out swangin on elbows while our children sleep in the cold they pillow is elbows and cement a life to be spent, bent like neoliberal economic policy and all its falsities lent


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