Dad is foreign, just like Buddhism which I embrace. 

Why do I find it so hard to embrace my father?

Is it abandonment; is it a result of my past causes?

Actually none of that matters because it is up to me to change, because I chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and he don’t. 

Won’t capitulate,

Won’t strike like a rattlesnake,

The battle shakes my core.

Awakening like Kate Chopin.

No ma’am, Gulf of Mexico you won’t take me!

Cause I have agency and strength,

Frequency and length,

Like chords,

And cords,

The boards can be used as a plank, a coffin, or a boat.

Two sink one floats.

It’s like a hundred foot moat and I can’t even cross one ten feet, he’ll I can’t even touch the rim.

So my chances are slim,

Unless I reach out

Erase doubt.

Bail slander from my life and replace strife and all those rife adjectives that bring the pain. 

I tend to forget about the sun every time there’s rain,

But because there is pain,

Then also joy is present.

Like all those letters unsent.