Election Update: Charter schools, billionaire supporters, and their lobbyists are despicable

Cloaking Inequity

Charter schools and their lobbyists have quietly raise tens of millions of dollars from billionaires to attack supporters of public schools that are running for local school boards (see below).

The Post News Group reported that,

The California Charter Schools Association (CCSA), funded by pro-charter school billionaires, is sending out negative mailers to voters’ homes.  The “hit pieces” are attacking attorney Roseann Torres, the incumbent Oakland school board member who is running for reelection in District 5.

One of the mailers attacks Torres for being a defense lawyer, saying she is a “lawyer for child molesters.”

“Rosie does well as a lawyer, defending abusers, molesters and kidnappers,” the CCSA mailer said.

Another mailer said, “Rosie opposes affordable housing” for teachers. The actual school board discussion it references, which never resulted in a vote, was whether to build “tiny houses” for teachers on public property where a school was located. The…

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