Horror Inside Pt. 2: Charter Teacher Turns Whistleblower #SCW

Cloaking Inequity

Today Cloaking Inequity concludes an exclusive story written by Jennifer Ventimiglia, a veteran charter school teacher. This post is the continuation of the story that began in the post Horror Inside: A No Excuses Charter School #SCW

After school on Friday, the day before winter break, I was called into the Site Director’s office…

He said, “I just want to inform you that today is your last day as an Amethod employee.” Then he got up and walked out of the office.

The Amethod Public Schools (AMPS) corporate charter school chain is not required to even give me a reason for my firing— they did not— because all employees are required sign a contract as a condition of employment that says we can be fired at anytime and no reason has to be provided.

I was left with a Human Resources employee who had me initial a paper that I was receiving unemployment…

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