Horror Inside: A No Excuses Charter School #SCW

This is exactly the counter narrative which deserves to be spread widely, thank you to all involved in bringing this too light. I wish I could say I was looking forward to the conclusion tomorrow but the story is so horrific I just feel terrible for the students and the young people who have been led to believe this is what teaching and education are about.

Cloaking Inequity

It’s school choice week! Today Cloaking Inequity has an exclusive story written by Jennifer Ventimiglia, a veteran charter school teacher. She describes the “no excuses” practices and teacher quality issues plaguing the first charter school established in Oakland.

The story has two parts. Tomorrow I will run the conclusion.

When I agreed to work at Oakland Charter Academy (OCA) this past fall, I had no idea I would be agreeing to submit to an archaic and punitive belief system authored and directed by a man who calls himself the “The King”

OCA first opened as Jingletown Charter in 1993. Jingletown was the first charter school granted in Oakland and one of the first in California. It sought to create a safe alternative for neighborhood kids with a vision based on community involvement, multiculturalism, and bilingualism. As The King tells it, however, when he went to visit the school before a job interview…

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